..Bullfighting in Spain  ALEPH - the bull 
This is a little story about the logo I use and this is also a short story about a powerfull deity in 
ancient times  already long forgotten. Nevertheless....
   The Sumerean people 4000 years ago had several deities. One of them Adad (orig. Enlil) was 
considered the god of storm and thunder and also the fertilizing rainmaker. His emblem is the 
bull. Also the Egyptean people had a deity that was associated with the bull (or more precise: 
the cow) called Hathor, the goddess of love and joy who created the world and all it contains. 
The Great God of the Cretan people was half human with a bull's head and later known as the 
Minotaur. In the later Greek mythology Zeus disguised himself as a bull to kidnap the Phoenicean 
princess Europa and brought her to Crete where she married the king.
   All these ancient people had their own script, an ideographic writing system consisting of lots 
of pictures. Among the first ones who developed a phonetic system were the Phoenicean sea-
people, who used an "alphabet" of about 30 characters to indicate sounds (in fact syllables).
front of a lyre from Ur (Iraq) 2500 B.C.Assyrian relief of storm-god Adad (Louvre, Paris) 800 B.C.Hathor-shrine in Deir-el-Bahri (Egypt) 1480 B.C.Rython from Knossos (Crete) 1400 B.C.