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In 2001 my partner and I came for the first time to Kardhamyli, for a 2 week holiday. In 2002 and 2003 we returned and in that last year we rented an old 'Pirgos' (a tower house) for six months for the cumming year, supposing this was the ideal place finding a suitable home. In the summer of 2004 we ended up in Kalyves and later that year a deal was made, and we became the owners of a 'hut' in questionable condition.

From 2005 on we started renovating this 'hut', which in fact meant almost a complete reconstructing of the house. From that moment on I spent yearly about six months in Kalyves and gradually became part of the community there.

This part will therefore be devoted to 'The Huts', which is the meaning of the name Kalyves. In time, there will be a section with the history of the village, general information about the village and its surroundings and a section with the travel reports I sent from Greece back home the first years after the purchase.
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Tilburg, January 2011.